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Land Rover Leasing in Fort Lee

Land Rover is a British company that is owned by Tata Motors, bought over from the Ford Group along with its sister company, Jaguar. It is the more successful of the two, with sales figures in the US seeing a steady rise over the years. If you take a look at the outside of dealerships days before the launch of a new model of the vehicle, you might even see people lining up!
Fort Lee Car Leasing loves Land Rover as much as everyone else does, which is why we keep it in our inventory. There are many different models of the brand, and all of them come highly recommended and rated by our car leasing agency.
While we don’t put the Defender out on lease anymore since production stopped, we have every other model that the company produces – the Discovery Sport SUV, LR2 SUV, LR4 SUV, Range Rover Evoque SUV, Range Rover Sport SUV and the Range Rover SUV.
The Range Rover line is one of the most popular among Land Rover lovers because of its sleek, elegant design. You can get your very own Range Rover for an incredibly low lease rate from our auto leasing service.

Maintaining Your Lease Car Properly

If you lease a Land Rover model, you are going to have to care for it. These are some of the sturdier vehicles that are on the streets. This usually tempts users into testing their limits when there is no need to. Countless people have to pay for repairs for their Rovers every day because of the way they treat them.
You don’t have to subject yourself to this type of experience. We want to make sure you don’t either. Remember that with a lease car you need to care for it like it belongs to someone else. This is so that you don’t incur extra costs to yourself at the end of your lease. Fortunately for you, Fort Lee Car Leasing has the best after sales support anywhere.
Our company representatives will constantly call you up to check on your satisfaction. If you ever need any advice on how to better maintain your Land Rover in top condition, ask. Our staff are all extremely technically proficient, and can offer you real tips on taking care of your car.

Try it Before You Buy it

When leasing a car, whether it is a Rover or a Jaguar, you are usually advised to try it out. This is a good choice any buyer can make. If you want to test out the vehicle you are interested in before you lease it, this is possible. If you can provide us with an address, we can actually arrange a test drive for you. This is completely free of charge, of course.
We want our customers to trust us implicitly, and we will do what we can to make this happen. If you want to arrange a test drive of your new Land Rover lease car today, call us on 732-481-0666.