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About Fort Lee Car Leasing

Fort Lee Car Leasing is an auto leasing company that was started by a group of individuals who had the wonderful idea of stepping their business into the modern world. This is exactly what has been done with the company. It is based only on the internet, without any physical dealerships or showrooms.
This makes us one of the most innovative companies out there. Not many other car leasing agencies can boast of being this creative. There are many reasons why we designed a website and no physical showroom. One of the biggest reasons was of course the cost. The cost of maintaining and running a large scale car showroom is pretty high.
This is made even worse by the rising cost of living in the world today. Something needs to be done to stem the rising lease rates all over the country. Fort Lee Car Leasing has done just that by being incredibly creative with the way we operate our business.

Comprehensive Car Leasing Deals

When it comes to the different deals and services we have on offer, we provide our customers with 100% transparency. This is one of our most adhered-to policies when we do business. We make it a point to be clear with our customers about what we want and what they can gain from us. You don’t have to worry about being lied to, or about having certain things hidden from you.
The fine print on our car leasing specials is big enough for a bat to read. No more worrying about hidden costs increasing your lease rates above what they should logically be. No longer do you have to fear the repercussions of not reading through your lease agreement either.
When you work with us you get the contract read and thoroughly explained to you. This way, you can be assured that you can trust us. Our customers’ trust is important to us, and we want to make sure you can count on us.

Easy to Lease a Car with Us

In addition to the comprehensive auto leasing service that our company has to offer to you, there are a number of other advantages. The one feature we love to brag about is our web based dealership. Well, if you have ever had problems with time and money when traveling to and from a physical dealership to lease your car, you don’t have to anymore.
All you need to do is go onto our website and sign up for your very own car lease. Most of the leasing process can be done over the internet so that you don’t have to waste any time. Filling in our sign up forms on the website is a lot easier than trying to make head or tail of what is offered at a dealership. You get to take your time, learn the ropes and do everything at your own pace.
For more information on the different options you get when you lease a car with Fort Lee Car Leasing, call us on 732-481-0666.