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Lease Termination in Fort Lee

Sometimes during your lease period, you are going to want to switch your car over. Perhaps it is because the latest model has come out and you want it as soon as you can. Maybe it is a completely different reason. Either way, there is a big difference between terminating your car lease and ending it early. This difference is that with a termination, Fort Lee Car Leasing is on board with you ending your lease contract. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will be exempt from having to pay certain fees. The truth is that the best way to save money while leasing a vehicle is to stick with that vehicle until the end of the lease period. You can always try to get out of your lease another way, but terminating it is not recommended. The consequences of doing this are many, and you aren’t going to like them. Some of them include:

  • Having to pay your remaining lease payments
  • Being forced to pay a termination fee
  • Paying for the repairs of the car and preparation for it to be resold

There are more payments you may have to make based on the state of disrepair that the car is in compared to when you brought it in for the first time. The big question is why you would put yourself in a situation where you have to pay up your hard earned money like this. After all, Fort Lee Car Leasing is always working to make your leasing life better!

Leasing Contracts That are Your Own

One of the biggest benefits of leasing with our car leasing agency is that you get to customize the lease contract the way you want to. We are one of the most flexible companies in New Jersey when it comes to our lease terms. If you can be wise, friendly and work with us when we are drawing up your lease agreement, you will never be in a situation where you have to think about termination.
Our lease contract can be customized by you to determine when you pay, how you pay and what you pay. You can also set your needs for fuel and miles as you think you will be using the car. Plan for the future when you do this. Think about whether you will have children in a few years and if the car will be big enough for them and the errands you need to run for the kids. You have to consider all possibilities, and enlist our help to do so!

If You HAVE to Go, Fort Lee Car Leasing Can Help

If you absolutely have to terminate your lease, and there is nothing you can do about it, so be it. We are still bound by our policies to provide you with the highest level of customer service while you do so. Our staff will obviously recommend that you don’t terminate (because we don’t want to lose you!), but they won’t push for it. Our car leasing deals are going to be here the next time you want to lease with us. To get started with the termination of your lease, call us now on 732-481-0666.