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Mini Leasing in Fort Lee

As the successor of the British Motor Corporation, Mini successfully managed to maintain its reputation in auto leasing industry due to its economic-centered approach. Most consumers think that the Mini is all about affordability. However, despite the seemingly compact design, the main focus of Mini is actually its spaciousness. The Mini models include a space-saving traverse engine front-wheel layout. This ergonomic design enables 80% of the car’s floor plan to be occupied by the passengers or luggage. Mk I Cooper, Mk II Cooper, Mini Hatch, Cooper A/T, Cooper S A/T and the John Cooper Works A/T are some Mini models that are currently popular in the market.
Although Mini sales records show that the brand is most wanted in the United Kingdom, many citizens in the States, including the ones in Fort Lee, appreciate this budget-friendly creation. Interestingly, Mini models were not allowed in the United States in around 1968-1980, since the models did not meet the safety regulations and emissions standards of the country. However, in the current market, U.S exempts all vehicles older than 25 years from all important laws. Therefore, it is possible to import some older models for consumers who prefer classic vehicles. To know about out Mini auto leasing options, speak to our customer service staff on 732-481-0666.

Comprehensive and Informative Online Platform

The highlight of our auto leasing platform is the abundance of information available. During the car leasing process, it is important for you to be aware of how the system works. You need to be informed about the distinction between an auto lease and a regular car purchase. This will enable you to decide whether you are making the right choice. Our auto leasing website has all the information a novice will require. Whether you want to learn about a specific brand or car leasing in general, our online platform can be highly educational.

Flexible Auto Leasing Specials

One of the main reasons why many people opt for the Mini is its budget-friendly approach. However, any car requires a significant amount of funding at the beginning. You will have to make an initial payment to secure your car lease. If you are unable to meet the amount required to lease a Mini, then you can try one of our car leasing specials. We have a range of deals that will suit your budget, regardless of your financial capabilities. At Fort Lee Car Leasing, we offer a number of Mini Models for you to choose from. Whatever your selection, you can be assured that the model you choose will be affordable and reasonable.

Unbiased Sales Approach

Most consumers who approach car leasing companies are anxious because of the idea that they will be manipulated by the sales staff. When you do not know what you want, you can be easily tricked to buy something that might not be right for you. You can be sure that there will be no such practices at our auto leasing service. At Fort Lee Car Leasing, we respect your wishes. We will not interfere with your decision-making process. You can make your choice independently. Thus, we will fully support you regardless of the model or brand you wish to lease. To talk with our unbiased sales team, dial 732-481-0666.