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Returning a Lease in Fort Lee

If you have a car on lease from our car leasing company and you are nearing the end of your lease term, it is time to consider the return of the car. Lease return is the term given to the process of a leaseholder returning the lease car to the dealer, which is Fort Lee Car Leasing. For a first timer in the leasing game, this might seem like a rather scary experience.
The truth is that there is nothing to be afraid of. We don’t bite, and we try not to bark either. The process of returning your lease car to us is going to go as smoothly as you want it to, as long as you have been a good customer. Of course, there are rare occasions when we do tend to run into certain obstacles.
There are the people who mistreat their cars and there are those who get late to return their vehicles. What you must know is that we never act unless there is a good reason to. Our car leasing company believes is justice when dealing with situations like this.

How Lease Return in Fort Lee Works

Just like anywhere else in the country, the return of a lease in Fort Lee with our auto leasing agency works through a standard process. When your lease term is nearing its end, we will contact you. You don’t have to worry about missing your deadlines.
While you might think that you are the only one who has to be responsible for returning your vehicle, you aren’t alone while with us. Before the lease period is up we will call you and remind you that it is nearing completion soon. After that, you can book a date with us when you want to go about the process.
Since the car will have been delivered to you when you first got the lease, our car leasing agency will be able to send someone to pick it up. One of the main things that happens during this process is the inspection of the vehicle by our staff members.

What if There is Damage?

For the most part, we tell our customers about what to avoid and what to do in order to keep our vehicles in top running condition. However, we are all only human, and therefore tend to make mistakes. Every now and then, we do come across the odd lease return that has damages to the vehicle. These weren’t present before.
Our auto leasing company has a minimum damage threshold that we will ignore for your benefit. After all, accidents happen. If the damage is above this, there is going to regretfully be a requirement for you to pay a fee. This is kept as low as possible, and in comparison to the fees you may have had to pay in the past, is going to seem like nothing.
We try to save you money whenever we can. To find out more information about our fees and our return process, call us on 732-481-0666 right now!